Junior League of Parkersburg

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The Junior League of Parkersburg became affiliated with the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. in January, 1925. Prior to that time the society was known as The Children's Pleasure Guild, established by Mrs. George White. In its short existence, the Guild was a prominent factor in the philanthropic work in Parkersburg, operating chiefly among the poor children of the city. The met from home to home and some projects were a general clinic, soup kitchen, and a charity milk fund. Because their welfare work was similar to a Junior League's, the Guild president, Mrs. George White, urged them to apply for membership. In order to obtain affiliation with AJLA, the organization had to show a record of acknowledged merit. Under the sponsorship of the Junior League of Columbus, Ohio, and the Junior League of Charleston, West Virginia, and through the strenuous efforts of Mrs. White, Mrs. Sherman Dils, and the Guild's officers, Parkersburg complied with all of the rules and regulations of the Association of Junior Leagues of America and was granted a charter. Parkersburg was the second city in West Virginia to establish a Junior League.

The first year of existence was filled with many and varied activities. To be admitted to this group, prospective members had to complete one year's probation period and were required to give two hours each week to the special work assigned to them.

Finances were provided by the proceeds from special projects and fundraisers in the community.


Vision: The Junior League of Parkersburg is an organization of unique and diverse women dedicated to enriching the community with trained volunteers to impact local needs.

Mission: Membership in the Junior League offers women opportunity for leadership development, service and volunteerism, community connections and genuine friendships.

Values for and from our members: integrity; respect for one another; loyalty; time; commitment; follow-through; friendship and identity; strong recruitment program and retention of members.


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