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The Junior League of Parkersburg (JLP) is open to women who possess an interest in voluntarism, a commitment to community service, and an interest in developing their potential through effective action and leadership. New members joining the League will enter as a provisional member. During your provisional year, you learn more about how the JLP gives back to the Parkersburg community through the projects it supports, training and education opportunities and make lifelong friends with other League members.

Criteria for Membership
A prospective member for Provisional membership shall not be younger than 18 years of age at the end of her proposal.

Proposals of prospective members for membership in the Junior League of Parkersburg will be accepted from other Junior Leagues in other cities providing the prospective member meets the eligibility requirements of the Junior League of Parkersburg.

Before accepting the invitation to membership, she shall have received an orientation in the privileges and responsibilities of the Junior League membership and shall agree to engage in community service in connection with the program of this league.




A Provisional Member must complete a twelve month provisional course, which serves as an introduction to The Junior League of Parkersburg and the community projects it supports.

 It includes:
General membership meetings
Provisional meetings, which may include site visits to JLP-sponsored community projects
Provisional course fee ($65) plus other financial obligations required of Active members.

Becoming an Active Member Provisional members completing the provisional course and meeting the financial obligations will become Active members of The Junior League of Parkersburg.

Each year, Active members must fulfill their obligations, which include membership dues to be paid before June 1st, prior to the upcoming year. Financial support and/or merchandise donation (ex. Purchase of cookbooks, tickets to JLP sponsored events, and donation of items to the Whale of a Sale), general meeting requirements and placement obligations (volunteer hours).

For more information on the membership and admissions process contact the VP Membership-Sheri Pfalzgraf- sheri.pfalzgraph@microbac.com


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