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Playground Project Proposal  2009-2010



The Junior League Playground project will be to build an inclusive playground accessible to all children in the community.  The playground will be developed at the City Park.  WV has the highest per capita rate of disabilities in the US.  One out of every five West Virginians or 22.8% of the states population has a disability.  In Wood Co. there are 2,435 children under the age of 15 with some type of a disability.  Therefore, there is a tremendous need in our community to provide another recreational opportunity for children to interact with siblings and their peers.  While there is an existing playground currently at the proposed location there is not a barrier-free playground, one that will allow all children access to, and learn and develop through play.


1.       Plan and design JuLePs Pathways, a Boundless Playground project at City Park:

a.       Continue to consult with Little Tikes rep, Jim Benedict, in the design and cost of the playground

b.       Finalize and approve the design of the playground

c.       Share the final and approved design with the community and/or proposed funding sources    


2.       Utilize the services and resources available from the “Go Play” membership:

a.         Use of Boundless Playgrounds name in promotion/fundraising efforts

b.         Download tools to help manage project

c.         Sample materials, presentations and handouts that are provided

d.         Members only newsletters, teleconferences

e.         Help desk

f.          Monthly teleconferences to track progress.



3.       Marketing JuLePs Pathways:

a.       Collaborate with other advertisement agencies ie. newspaper, radio , billboard companies, television etc.

b.       Prepare packets with JuLePs Pathways info. , copy of power point presentation, brick forms etc.

c.       Speak with at least two community agencies to inform about JuLePs Pathways


4.       Grant Writing:

a.       Explore grants available for JuLePs Pathways

b.       Develop a database type list of grant opportunities which would list deadlines, criteria etc.

c.       If needed, seek outside grant writer(s) for assistance in writing grants

d.       Attend grant writing workshops and/or meetings that may be available in grant writing assistance   


  5.  Fundraising:

  a.       Plan and organize at least one to two fundraisers for the 2009-2120 league year.

  b.       Explore other  fundraising opportunities that require minimum league commitment(s)/hours ie.

            monthly restaurant fundraisers, selling of bricks, JuLePs jars etc.

  c.       Collaborate with other organizations and members of the community for fundraising ideas and support

  d.       JuLePs Pathways will be built in two phases ie. Phase One: $149,000, Phase Two: $190,000

  e.       Seek in kind contributions for installation of equipment, landscaping, walkway path, site work grading etc.


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